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Verta Lynx's Managed Services proactively monitors your systems, servers, desktops, and networks to identify problems and address them before they cause downtime for your business. With our Monitoring Service, you can rest assured that if something is wrong, we’ll make you aware of it. Our Resolutions Service goes a step further; we remotely fix the problem for you. And, with our Management Service we can do it all – maintain your entire IT environment, plus provide IT help desk support.


Why Managed Services

Lower costs: Managed services are one of the most effective methods for companies to reduce IT costs while gaining access to innovative technologies that can confer a competitive advantage.  The service provider manages and administers the network equipment and applications, reducing hardware and operational costs.  Managed services also eliminate the risk that the company will need to make a large expenditure to accommodate unplanned business changes.

High levels of support and availability: Managed services include professional support and SLAs (Service Level Agreements) for availability as well as performance.

Predictable costs: Managed services costs always remain at the level specified in the contract so that the IT budget becomes stable and predictable.

Access to latest technology: Technology is the service provider's business.  Therefore, providers can justify the ongoing investment in advanced technologies and expertise to remain at the vanguard and companies that subscribe to managed services gain access to the latest technology for security and availability, up-to-date services, and the newest standards.

Access to enhanced skills base
: The service provider maintains a staff of specialists whose skills benefit the companies that subscribe to the managed service.  Technical innovations and solutions are implemented quickly and at reasonable cost, and the company is not required to continually expand its own IT staff.

Adaptability to changing business conditions: The service provider can expand or reduce the breadth and depth of managed services based on a company's business needs.  This flexibility enables companies to avoid the high capital expenditures and operating expenses associated with maintaining a network and keeping it up-to-date.

Ability to focus on the core business: Service providers dedicate themselves to entirely to customer requirements, thus freeing the company's IT staff to concentrate on it's core business.

Capital expenditures reduction: Managed services usually cover most networking.


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