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Our CIO consultants are committed to becoming your partner in IT, helping you make strategic IT decisions, improve IT operations while reducing cost, & serve as a business technology advisor. See some of our CIO Plans below. 


CIO Business Review


One of our CIO consultants will meet with your business team to discuss strategies and challenges and how IT can support your objectives today and long-term. This will include working strategically with your IT organization to help address any of their challenges, analyze vendor relationships and structure, propose cost savings, highlight any vulnerabilities, and help devise a budget plan.


For a summary of recommendations and strategies, our team can conduct this review within a few days. Please contact us for a quote.


When is this service used:

  • When companies are looking to hire an IT organization or restructure their current
  • During the vendor negotiation and selection process where IT leadership is required to consider the companies long-term strategy
  • When companies are looking to reduce IT costs while improving overall IT operations and customer satisfaction


CIO On Demand

When a business is in need of IT Leadership to help strategically analyze a business requirement, vendor relationship, or technology decision, CIO On Demand is a useful service to receive the required expertise to make that critical business decision. Receive advise from someone who is considering your benefits. Consulting can be virtual or on-site. This service does require a prior engagement of CIO Business Review to understand your business needs and systems. Please contact us for a quote.


When is this service used:

  • A CIO-level expertise is required to deal with a vendor management issue or re-negotiation
  • The vendor negotiation and interview process
  • Interviewing potential new IT candidates to join your organization
  • During strategic meeting sessions, where technology expertise is required to help drive the long-term strategy
  • Customer, vendor, or partner meetings where technology expertise is required in the decision making process


CIO Quarterly Business Review

Every quarter we will conduct IT Steering and technology roadmap sessions to ensure IT is and can support your future business goals. Our CIO team will work with you to design and implement a IT strategy and ensure the project team remains on track. The leadership presented will also help identify potential risks and additional opportunities for innovation. Please contact us for a quote.


When is this service used: 

  • Companies who want to engage IT as a business enabler and ensure IT is and can support business goals
  • To help design and conduct a IT strategy and ensure it is being it is on-track and aligned to the business strategy


Interim and Part-Time CIO

Dealing with an enterprise technology implementation and require CIO leadership? Maybe you need someone to fill-in for your IT Leader? Please contact us for a quote.


When is this service used: 

  • Current IT Leader (IT Manager, Director or CIO) is pursuing other opportunities and during the recruiting process you need someone to fill-in
  • Current IT Leader is temporarily unavailable
  • Project-based: IT Leadership is required, someone with strategic thinking and strong project management and change management expertise to help drive your business implementation


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