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Without IT leadership you can only take your business so far. Effective IT leadership can reduce cost, bring innovation and efficiency, increase revenues, and increase productivity. The reality is every business can greatly benefit from a CIO (the question is should the role be Full-time or Part-Time).


Verta Lynx Services:
Our Interim or Part-time CIO offerings will deliver IT Governance, IT Strategy Planning, and Quarterly IT Review.
Verta Lynx conduct sessions with your business team to map out a strategic IT plan, ensuring IT can and will support your goals. In addition, Verta Lynx CIOs will form a IT Steering Committee to ensure IT projects are on track and aligned to your business strategy.



When You Need CIO Services

"A strategic technology thinker is an enabler of growth, and the opposite is also true: The lack of such a thinker is an inhibitor of growth."


Your IT department is falling behind: Often companies will entrust their IT decisions to a technologist lacking the leadership experience to accelerate the business. Often the business is ahead of the IT organization. IT is no longer able to support the objectives of the business. This is when a CIO can really show value.


You lack a strategic IT plan: Currently IT might be administrating technology, managing costs, and operations. A CIO can bring strategic thinking, eliminating overlapping systems, identifying areas of automation, and prevent outdated systems from slowing the organizations growth. Finally, IT and the business can be aligned. 


IT isn't contributing to innovation: IT is often focused on managing performance. A CIO will expand IT beyond performance, analyzing opportunities to enlist IT as a business enabler.


You're struggling with internal resistance to change: Adopting new systems introduces technological challenges, including integration, migration, long-term planning and training. The biggest challenge remains change management. A CIO will help the business realize the benefits of the new implementation and effectively manage the user adoption.


You're outgrowing your critical systems: This is a common organizational issue, where a business will invest in business systems that are being under-utilized, lacking integration to other critical systems (creating inefficiencies and mis-management),and over-time becoming more of a business inhibitor than an enabler.


IT dollars are being spent inefficiently: Without CIO leadership a business fails to recognize the ROI of technology investments. A CIO will prove ROI before purchase, align to a business need, and ensure the technology is fully utilized to recognize business value. Additionally, a CIO will ensure Vendors are taking advantage during negotiations.


Security concerns & Regulatory requirements are being violated: A CIO will build a IT Governance model to ensure security is a priority rather than a hindrance to your operations. It's reported that the cause of SPAM generates nearly two million dollars in lost productivity annually. A CIO can build awareness, protect your business, and enlist IT best practices to reduce risk.  

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What Our CIO Team Offers:
IT Governance
IT Strategy Planning

Quarterly Business Review

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Vendor Management
Disaster Recovery
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Project Management
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IT Leadership:
"A strategic technology thinker

is a enable of growth, and the opposite is also true: The

lack of such a thinker is an

inhibitor of growth."


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