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Poor hiring exceeds a billion dollar business. Many industry experts believe that a poor hire costs an organization one point four (1.4) times the employee's annual salary.  A Harvard University study concludes that  nearly 80% of turnover is due to mistakes made in hiring.

Verta Lynx approaches Talent Management very strategically, considering our customers and
candidates needs and requirements.


Do you have upcoming staffing needs? As your IT staffing partner, we want to understand your current and future IT initiatives.

Contract Services
As projects begin to ramp up, Verta Lynx can provide the necessary technical resources to
complete the job.  Verta Lynx and the company agree on an hourly bill rate and an expected
duration of the contract.
Recruitment Services
Our hiring process goes beyond skill requirements.  Verta Lynx will assess your needs, required skills, and conduct an organizational culture assessment prior to proposing candidates.  Our belief is that the perfect candidate will have the right skills, attitude, integrity, and will excel under our customers unique organizational culture and leadership style.


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"Of all the decisions an
executives makes, none are
as important as the decision
about people because they ultimately determine the performance capacity of the organization." - Business guru Peter Drucker




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